New Zealand
Omega oil capsules
From natural plant sources

Inspired by Nature & Science,
ōmekanz™ products benefit health and well-being
through clean and sustainable superfood sources.

plant-omega Nutritional oils

Rich in essential Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids extracted from New Zealand omega crops to help maintain a
healthy cardiovascular system, support brain, eye and joint health and benefitting general wellbeing.

Perfect for vegans, diet-conscious and planet-loving individuals.


Here in New Zealand, we take pride in cultivating premium crops rich in Essential Fatty Acids, giving health conscious customers non-animal alternatives for Omega 3-6-9 nutrients.

New Zealand is truly an ideal production location, with its pristine air quality, consistent water supply for irrigation, and exceptional soil types. The majority of our oil seeds are grown under contract in the Canterbury region, which has a unique soil and climate combination producing some of the world’s finest specialty oils and health food ingredients.


Get healthier plant-based Omega alternatives extracted from natural sources.

Our products are some of the best in the world. We’re strong believers in the pureness and health benefits of nature, and our team takes special care in selecting crops with high omega 3-6-9 content. Our low and slow methods ensures that our oils have zero exposure to heat, thus producing better quality oil with a superior flavour profile and maximised nutrition.


Traceability from crop to consumption is how we manage our food safety standards. We oversee the seed production process, providing full traceability from farm to the consumer. We have research labs and research farms all working together to find the highest quality seed that produces the highest yield and premium quality oils. We have field consultants that visits the farms that are growing our crops, giving farmers advice. Once our crops are harvested, our seed is dressed and carefully transported to our extraction facility. All product produced is tested to ensure it is of the highest purity and quality standard.